About us

Gennev Generators is one of the leading distributors of super silent diesel generators and Automatic Transfer Switches in the world. Customers from the Caribbean to Europe to Africa trust Gennev Generators for their commercial, residential, standby and prime power generation needs.

The company was founded on the premise of simplified shopping and that no household should be caught off guard without a generator. Gennev Generators has streamlined the sales process and rewarded customers with factory direct discounts and efficient customer service. Each generator can be purchased as is or customized to meet the needs of individual customers. Our suppliers have vast experience in design, manufacture and debugging to ensure the reliable and steady performance of our products. Our generators are built to power any application including residential homes, gas stations, data centers, hospitals, airports and more. We are one of the few distributors that provide customers with a year’s supply of spare parts free of charge with the purchase of each generator! Gennev Generators offers customers access to their large inventory with generators ranging from 10KW – 2500 KW in both EPA and NON-EPA, 60HZ/50HZ and 110V-480V for WORLDWIDE shipping. Our generators are shipped directly from the factory to the customer when the order is received and delivered to any seaport of your choice.